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Llangattock Apiaries Shop - buy local honey online

We are pleased to offer you a range of high quality honey and beeswax based products. Honey and beeswax are versatile and packed with unique benefits, making them the perfect addition to your self-care routine as well as great gifts.

We sell saw Honey, candles, gift sets and so much more. Got questions about our products? Contact us today. Looking for bees? We have you covered, read more about our colonies for sale.


Versatile, environmentally friendly and high-quality, our wax and honey products make perfect gifts

Our Mission Statement


We promote a holistic and natural approach to beekeeping.


Our goal is to provide our customers with unique beekeeping products and experiences derived from the use of pure and all nature techniques, and ingredients. We endeavour to foster public awareness of the Honey Bee’s plight in modern agriculture through  education 


We consider beekeeping and the subsequent honey production and pollination sectors to be renewable and sustainable agribusinesses.


We also consider the honey bee to be a keystone species that has a mutualistic relationship in our food supply chain.

Order our raw, unpasteurised honey online or email Llangattock Apiaries at:

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