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Sustainable Local Honey in Llangattock

At Llangattock Apiaries our local honey is sustainably harvested by hand and goes straight from the hive into the jar. We believe it tastes better that way and means it retains more of the wildflower flavour, fresh from the hills of the Brecon Beacons. Buy our local honey online or get in touch to find out more.

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Taste the difference and make a difference

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Local honey is environmentally beneficial and sustainable

Local honey is sustainable, it's natural, with a negligible carbon footprint, the way it's produced has a positive impact on the environment. Honey helps the countryside. Keeping bees is vital for the environment. They are an essential part of our ecosystem, but bee populations are in decline.

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Why buy Llangattock local honey?

Buying local honey only releases negligible quantities of carbon into the atmosphere, and therefore is excellent for reducing your carbon footprint.  We sell as much of our honey as close to our hives as possible.  This keeps delivery costs and CO2 emissions down.  Most of our honey is sold in bulk or in recyclable glass jars.  Even our labels are produced locally.

If you live close to Llangattock, you can buy jars of our honey in Grenfell’s grocers or Richards Butchers, and you can refill them at Natural Weigh zero waste shop, who stock it in bulk.

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Buy local Llangattock honey online or let us help you set up your own hive!

Our Mission Statement


We promote a holistic and natural approach to beekeeping.


Our goal is to provide our customers with unique beekeeping products and experiences derived from the use of pure and all nature techniques, and ingredients. We endeavour to foster public awareness of the Honey Bee’s plight in modern agriculture through  education 


We consider beekeeping and the subsequent honey production and pollination sectors to be renewable and sustainable agribusinesses.


We also consider the honey bee to be a keystone species that has a mutualistic relationship in our food supply chain.

Order our raw, unpasteurised honey online or email Llangattock Apiaries at:

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