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Over winter bees, nucs and hives for sale

At Llangattock Apiaries, we have buckfast bees for sale so you can set up your own hive. Contact us in South East Wales to find out more. delivery country wide Overwinter 6 Frames Nucs for sale around mid April 2023 in Nuc box on BS National standard brood frames.
They are very gentle bees with an open mated 2022 queen.  can deliver  country wide

Become a beekeeper!

We are passionate about all things bees and honey and we're happy to share this with you. Starting your beekeeping journey has never been so easy. Just fill in our contact form and we will be in touch to get you all set up. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about our bees and our service.

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Our bees are docile and productive

Often referred to as 'the beekeeper's bee', Buckfast bees are docile and very productive, making them perfect for both beginners and more experienced keepers. It's what makes them one of the most popular breeds in the UK and worldwide!

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Our bees are ideal for the UK climate

Buckfast bees are very easy to work with, making them a great colony to take care of. Because they're used to the colder Northern European climate, they're some of the best for overwintering and can breed quickly in spring to bulk up their numbers.

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Our colonies are ideal for getting started in beekeeping

Weather permitting, we'll send you out our nucs with a clearly marked queen. A nucleus of honey bees on 6 national frames will give you a good start and allow you to follow the development of your new bee colony to its full size on 11 frames. Please note that as they are transported live in a lightweight box, delivery times may vary, however we will be able to keep you updated.

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Buy bees online, have your own hive and your own honey!

Our Mission Statement


We promote a holistic and natural approach to beekeeping.


Our goal is to provide our customers with unique beekeeping products and experiences derived from the use of pure and all nature techniques, and ingredients. We endeavour to foster public awareness of the Honey Bee’s plight in modern agriculture through  education 


We consider beekeeping and the subsequent honey production and pollination sectors to be renewable and sustainable agribusinesses.


We also consider the honey bee to be a keystone species that has a mutualistic relationship in our food supply chain.

Order our raw, unpasteurised honey online or email Llangattock Apiaries at:

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Contact us to discuss our bees for sale

Lower Lodge Llangattock NP8 1HN

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